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Coconut is one of our go to foods.  But this is coconut infused with turmeric, which takes it to a whole new level of awesome!  Plus it’s all organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, raw and unrefined; so all the good stuff!

High in nutrients and super tasty, it's rich in  antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation and provides a boost to the immune system.

Not only will the coconut oil likely make your pet’s food irresistible, but because it’s a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), the oil will be directly absorbed into the GI tract and go straight to the liver, where it metabolises into energy for your pooch and may help ease or even prevent physical and digestive issues.

Useful to Know

Some studies have shown that feeding your pet a diet that includes MCFAs can actually help decrease the size of fat depots and possibly even help prevent weight gain—and all while providing your pet with a boost of energy to help improve athletic performance and stamina.

The turmeric, has been infused into the coconut oil along with black peppercorns. It’s all Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Raw and Unrefined (you know, the good stuff!) but also has a hit of curcumin in each jar!

Turmeric has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties – so together, it’s a perfect health pairing!

So if your pet has creaky joints in the morning, or an itch they just can’t seem to get rid of.  Or maybe have problems with their digestion? Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) could be the answer.  Turmeric is a wonder spice.

The coconut oil is processed on certified organic plantations using sustainable farming techniques.

In combination with the great effects from the coconut oil, the turmeric may help reduce inflammation. The active ingredient curcumin has many scientifically-proven medicinal properties. This is especially great news for golden oldies with creaky joints or dogs with itchy skin.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, when curcumin is mixed with piperine from black peppercorns the body absorbs it 2000x better.

But is Coconut Oil Safe For Dogs?

Dr Bruce Fife, author of Coconut Therapy For Pets, says that coconut oil is extremely safe for all kinds of animals, from dogs to cats to birds, rabbits, guinea pigs as well as cows and horses.

Research shows that coconut oil is well tolerated, even in toxicity studies where researchers fed huge amounts of coconut oil to animals. If your dog got into a whole jar of coconut oil, he’d probably just get a bout of loose stool or diarrhea.

The Benefits of Curcumin

The anti-inflammatory effect and the powerful antioxidants can assist in a wide variety of ailments. It is believed to be beneficial to relieving arthritic symptoms, decrease inflammation, relieve allergies, improve the gut health and even decrease tumour growth. Curcumin has been deemed safe by food authorities around the world, so adding it to your pets daily diet will, if nothing else, add a bit of spice and colour to their lives.

The wonders of curcumin (the active ingredient in in turmeric) are extensive; there has been a lot of research into the benefits and they are not just unfounded claims. Recent research has proven some anti-cancerous effects, as well as potent anti-inflammatory effects.

More info

Cocomeric is 100% natural and organic.  No added sugar and nothing artificial.  

Vegan and gluten free.  

While coconut oil is generally safe for dogs, some canines may have an allergic reaction to the supplement. Additionally, giving a dog too much coconut oil in the diet could result in diarrhea.

It may go from solid to liquid depending on temperature when it is stored, but this has no effect on the taste or nutritional value – it’s a very stable oil.

Shelf life = 12 months

Caution: Despite the safety of coconut oil, if your dog has a health condition, it’s best to check with your holistic vet before adding any new supplements, including coconut oil.

Made right here in Australia.

Packaging is a recyclable glass jar.

Coconut Oil available in 450g or 900g jars. Powder available in 500g tub.


Oil: Organic coconut oil, turmeric, black pepper.

Powder: Organic desiccated coconut, turmeric, black pepper.